Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Budding Artist

Yesterday I joined a Yahoo group for those who have or are in the process of adopting from Channah's orphanage.  Suffice to say that I am so very glad that I did as I was in contact with some mommas who have met our sweet girl!  Even more exciting is that one mother in particular was able to send three photos to me from August of 2012.  Channah was 9 in the pictures and I will TREASURE them until I finally get to meet her face to face.  In the pictures Channah was in the orphanage director's office and was showing off some of her artwork.  I was amazed!  Channah has Cerebral Palsy yet look at the beautiful artwork she created!  This only goes to show that she has potential to do something with her life!

This precious girls longs to be in a family... deserves to be in a family!  

Again, we have several fundraisers going on thanks in part to the generosity of others who are donating their time and effort to our adoption:

*My Etsy shop, Chicken Momma's Change.  100% of the profit goes directly towards our adoption and gets sent directly to our adoption agency to cover fees.

*Channah's former Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree Warrior from last year, Ginger on a Mission.  Order from her and she will donate 50% of her profit to our adoption (specify our family at check out).

*Discovery Toys!  An ardent advocate is hosting a Discovery Toy fundraiser for our family that is running until we raise a bit of money.  Purchase some fantastic, educational toys and help and orphan come home!

*Scentsy!  My dear friend, Marion, has reopened our Scentsy fundraiser for our family.  Scentsy products make fantastic Christmas gifts for friends, family, teachers, co-workers, etc...  

*Our youth pastor's wife, Denise, is hosting a Premiere Jewelry party for our adoption, too (access code: dcpd7)!  While the actual evening of this fundraiser is November 3rd, you may order online ahead of time to benefit our adoption.

I sent the last of our paper work off to our agency yesterday and we are about to apply to USICS.  Our Dossier needs to be off to China no later than December 18th so we are getting down to the wire! Let's get this girl HOME!!!!

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