Monday, October 14, 2013

Paperwork Progress = Fundraising

Today I send a batch of Dossier documents to our agency for them to check over and have authenticated!!!  What a HUGE load off of my mind.  Eric and I spent the better part of Saturday going through everything to make certain that we did everything correctly.  We are only missing our local police clearances and a new letter of employment from Eric's employer.  Our local police clearances were done back in May before we committed to Channah but they have expired.  Then Eric's letter of employment was not done correctly and we are at the mercy of his company's corporate office in Tennessee!  Yikes!  Please pray that it is done correctly this time and that they do not drag it out too long for us.

With paperwork progress there is of course the "F" word.  Fundraising.  In the coming weeks we will have $3600 due in agency fees, $750 due for Dossier fees, and our application to USICS which is $720.  That adds up to $5,720!!  Out of that we have saved/raised $1,550 which leaves us needing to raise/save $4,170.  This also means that we will be doing some serious fundraising over the next few weeks.  So here are the various ways you can help if you choose to do so:

As always I have my Etsy Shop, Chicken Momma's Change, up and running with some lovely new items such. I have European charm bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and even a beautiful keychain.  With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up I have some adorable items for each occasion!  If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to ask.  I have had some success in making custom pieces and the customers have been satisfied.  You can see some of my items in my shop's preview on the right-hand side of my blog.

Second, we have a Discovery Toy fundraiser!  This is a fabulous opportunity to get some Christmas gifts with a percentage of the purchase going towards our adoption.  The toys are high quality and educational so you cannot go wrong.  There are toys for infants all the way up through age 10!

If you wish to purchase from my Discovery Toy party, please click HERE.

And finally, Channah's Angel Tree Warrior from last year has an Etsy shop called Ginger on a Mission.  She makes beautiful handbags, lunch bags, business card holders, etc... that are durable and stylish.  These would also make great Christmas gifts for your friends and family!  If you wish to order from her shop to benefit our adoption, just make sure that you indicate that in your order.  She will donate 50% of your purchase to our adoption!

It is exciting to be at this stage though overall the process is longer than adopting from Ukraine.  So many people ask us when Channah will be home and quite simply put, I truly do not know.  God knows, however, and His timing is absolutely perfect in all things.  While our family would love for Channah to be home yesterday, we are trying to enjoy the anticipation of welcoming a new family member.  Please continue to pray for our family as we walk in obedience.  Most importantly please pray for dear Channah.  We know that she is in the throws of school and we pray that she is diligent in her studies, enjoys the time with her friends, and that she continues to have good health.  While she is happy she does desire to be in a family.  Never once in her 12 years has she experienced family life.  Not even with a foster family.  Thank you all for your words of support, encouragement, prayers, and generous donations/purchases.  We are both grateful and humbled.  

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