Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Updates on Channah!

Yesterday morning I received a most pleasant surprise in my email:  an update from Channah's orphanage.  They gave me updated measurements and five recent pictures of her!  It was just the boost this momma needed to keep on moving forward.  We have all of our paperwork completed but we are being held up by one background check for Eric from D.C.  If you can, please pray that D.C. would get their rears in gear so we can move forward.  We really need to move on and apply to USICS so we can hopefully be DTC (Dossier To China) by December 18th.

We learned that Channah is back in school and enjoying herself.  From what we were told it sounds as though Channah is in a school much like the school Dima attends here in the States.  Eric and I are so grateful that she has the opportunity to learn and interact a little with the outside world.  She lives at the school during the week and then the orphanage on the weekends.  We also learned that Channah just turned 11, not 12 as previously thought!  In China the day you are born you are counted as 1 since you are in your first year.  So all of this time we thought we were on the verge of the teenage years when really, we have an extra year.
Channah's measurements are as follows:

Height: 137 cm (almost 4 1/2 feet)
Weight: 27 kg  (59 1/2 pounds)
Head: 52 cm  (20.4 inches)
Chest: 65 cm  (25 1/2 inches)
Feet: 22 cm  (about 8 1/2 inches)  

From what we can tell by her measurements she is the same weight as our Elijah who is 9 and in between Jeremiah and Elijah in height.

I also received five pictures of Channah with some friends that I would love to share with you all (and there is still the longer video I have of her from August of 2012 - she was 9).  The pictures make total sense and are ironic but I am not going to be so quick to share them.  We are still rather short on meeting our total goal of $5,720 by the end of November.  As of right now we still need to raise $4,050 to meet our agency fees and apply to USICS.  In my previous entry I offered to share the video if we raised $500 by October 31st and with the 31st being two days away we are nowhere near that goal, either.  I am willing to compromise, however, and will offer this challenge to you:

Visit my Etsy shop, Chicken Momma's Change, and for every 5 items I sell I will share one of the pictures from our update.  When a total of 10 items have sold from my shop I will not only share the pictures, but the video as well.  And let me tell you, the video is awesome!  

I have my Thanksgiving necklaces on sale for $6.00!  There are some lovely Oriental necklaces that I've made in honor of Channah, and some bling rings that are very unique and can be matched to just about any outfit.  Come and see!!

There is a special someone missing from this picture....

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