Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Overdue Update

When I fail to post an entry here for a few weeks you can be certain that we are living life!  We have had lots going on and some more forward progress in our adoption journey.  Gosh, where to even begin?

First, Eric and I had a proud parenting moment at the end of October.  Dima received an award through the local Rotary Club called Upward Bound.  It is an award for students who have shown significant improvement in both academics and behavior.  While Dima has always done well academically, he had a tough time adjusting to school last year.  It was rough on all parties involved and then we decided to move him to the school he is at now.  Dima is now at a school for children with special needs and it is a perfect fit for him.  He has maintained straight A's and his behavior has done a complete 180...well...almost.  Anyway, on October 31st, Grammy, Jeremiah, Elijah, Sammy, and I attended an awards breakfast in Dima's honor (poor Eric had to work).  We are so proud of Dima and how far he has come in just two years of being with us.  To God be the glory in all of this because without Him in our lives we are nothing!

October 31st was also of course Halloween.  Our family had attended the church's fall festival on the 30th and that was a TON of fun.  No costumes were purchased this year, rather, the boys opted to make up their own and we knocked on just a few doors.  The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful night just be outside.  Here is a little peek into our evening.

We also attended Jeremiah and Elijah's Honor Roll breakfast at the end of October.  Both boys received excellent grades and earned the Honor Roll for the first quarter!  Eric and I are so very proud of them and are pleased with their diligence.  Sammy also received straight A's first quarter but only students in fourth and fifth grades can be on the Honor Roll.

We have also had some progress in our adoption.  Our home study has been completed and we are about to apply to USICS!  This will be a big step but from what we understand it is taking anywhere from 30-90 days to receive USICS approval to adopt from China.  In the meantime we have made contact with some other adoptive families who have adopted from Channah's orphanage.  Even better, these families have MET her!  A few entries back I shared some pictures from one of the families where Channah was sharing some of her artwork.  During that time this particular family also took a fantastic video of Channah and they were so kind as to share it with our family.  In this video you will hear the family's translator explaining why older children are not typically adopted.  She also asks Channah how old she is.  Now the video was taken in August of 2012 just before Channah's birthday.  We recently learned that Channah is NOT 12, rather she just turned 11!!  In the video the translator asked Channah how old she was and she signed, "9".  Then in the background you can hear the director of the orphanage discuss something with one of the nannies.  I was told by someone who understands Mandarin that the nanny was looking for something and it is then decided that Channah would go help the nanny find whatever it is the nanny is searching for.  You can just barely catch a glimpse of the grin on her face as she walks away to help her nanny.

We are still a ways off from our fundraising goal of $5,720 but have made some significant progress.  At this time we still need to raise/earn/save $3,288 by the end of the month.  At the end of the month we will owe Agency fees as well as pay our fees to apply to USICS.  As always my Etsy Shop is open for business and I will be adding more holiday items as we approach Christmas.  My jewelry would make great gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors, stocking stuffers, advent calendar gifts, etc...  100% of the proceeds go towards our adoption and the money is sent to our agency (not tax-deductible).

In the meantime please continue to pray for our adoption, for Channah, and for those who care for her.  With the winter months coming up it is our prayer that she remains healthy and strong, ready to join our family when it is time.

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Lori said...

I watched the video update on your daughter this morning and then came across a picture in a google search that I am pretty sure is of her wearing the same dress. I googled boys in China orphanages, then clicked on images. My husband and I are currently interested in adopting a boy from China. Anyway, I thought you would like the photo.