Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Step Forward

This afternoon I received two letters from Immigration - fingerprint appointment letters!!!  Our appointments are on January 2nd but we are going to do a walk-in before Christmas.  Our hearts are aching for sweet Yun and know that she is enduring a cold winter in XuZhou.  Yesterday I had the honor of chatting with a mother who adopted a little boy from XuZhou two years ago.  Her son and Yun were friends.  I learned some things about Yun's environment that made me terribly sad.  I feel as though this process is like wading through quick sand...

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yesterday Eric and I received notification that our I-800a application has been received at the Immigration Lockbox in MO. That means that in ten to fourteen business days we will receive a fingerprint appointment letter bringing us one more little step closer to Yun!  In the meantime please continue to pray for Yun, her health, safety, and for her heart to be prepared to become part of our family.  So many of you prayed for Dima as we went through his adoption and I know that prayer made all of the difference.

In the meantime I have four very handsome boys who cannot wait to have a sister.  There was certainly  someone missing this afternoon...