Saturday, January 18, 2014


So today I meandered out to the mailbox not at all expecting to see what I was about to see: an envelope from United States Immigration.  Suffice to say I quickly opened the envelope wanting to see what was inside.  Sure enough I saw that we had been approved!!  It was so quiet in the neighborhood but my shouts of, "WE GOT IT!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS WE GOT IT!!!!!" echoed off of all of the houses.  I think it is safe to say that our entire neighborhood knows that we "got it"!!  I had checked in with immigration about a week ago and we had not even been assigned an officer.  Well we must have been assigned an officer last Monday as we had been officially approved on Wednesday, January 15th!    WOW!  It has been quite an exciting weekend with our adoption.

Hold on sweet girl!!  We are coming as quickly as we can!!

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