Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

First, thank you for your prayers on our paperwork issue.  It was taken care of and we are good to go.    All we need to send to the agency now are family pictures, my passport photo, photos of our home, and money.  Then, if all of that clears the hurdle we should be DTC (Dossier To China) in the next week or so!  This will be a major milestone but it still feels as though we are wading through quicksand.  Please pray that our dossier is sent sooner rather than later and that it would be logged into the system in China with speed.

Yesterday morning I received quite a surprise in my email- a picture of Yun!  There is a family adopting a little fellow from Yun's orphanage and they had the opportunity to meet Yun.  Here is what the sweet momma wrote to me:

"I saw your daughter yesterday at the orphanage!  She was in the music room when we arrived but I didn't know she was in there until later because hey were having a Chinese New Year party and there were lots of people.  When I have more time I will check and see if she is in any of the pictures I took in there.  I asked our guide about her and he asked Ms. Tang who brought her to see us so I was able to get a close up pic of just her (see attached).  I held her hand and told her how sweet and beautiful she was (in English so she had no idea what I was saying) and she smiled at me.  She seemed safe, well and happy enough given the circumstances.  The orphanage is very nice for an orphanages but seeing it first hand was still very sad.  I am so glad YunYun has a family coming for her soon and I pray your TA wait is super short! I will send more pics if I find any."

Our sweet YunYun celebrating Chinese New Year.

January 31st is Chinese New Year (officially) and we are going to celebrate in our own little way.  Next year it will have more meaning!  The following is a song that children sing for the New Year.  It is in English so you can know the words:

Yun's New Year is going to be big for her indeed.  Our family prays that in her heart she knows we think of her every day and that we are working as quickly as possible to get to her.  This morning in the Love Department all of our dear friends were asking about her and were telling Eric and I that they cannot wait until she is with them, too.  They desire to show her the love and acceptance that she rightly deserves and has been deprived of for eleven years.  It brought tears to my eyes that these folks continually see past their own needs and reach out to others and think of others.  But then again, I shouldn't really be surprised.  That is why they are called The Love Department.  

In the meantime our family will celebrate Chinese New Year in anticipation of "sweeping out the old year and bringing in the new".

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

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