Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Big Valentine Sent So Far Away

Finally, on February 14th, Valentine's Day, our dossier was sent to China.  Our big labor of love was finally sent to the birth country of our daughter-to-be.  I like to think of it as a Valentine sent to our sense, not actually of course.  We now (im)patiently wait for dossier to be logged in, then translated, then out of translation, then our letter of approval.  Friends, would you please pray that somehow our dossier gets through quickly?

Last night as we sat at the supper table to have our Valentine's pizza Eric announced that it was Friday night so everyone goes around the table to pray.  He paused and quietly said, "I feel like we are missing someone...".  Yes.  We are missing a certain someone and we all felt her absence last night as we celebrated how much we love one another as a family.  We all love Yun and cannot wait to add her to our family.  Eric and I eagerly anticipate how she will change us, change the dynamics, and of course, we cannot wait to see how the boys react to having their first sister.

Happy Valentine's Day sweet YunYun.  I pray that deep in your heart you know how much you are loved and cherished...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DTC (almost)!!

Our dossier is complete.  All of that paper work is done.  Finished.  A burden lifted.  The next step is to be DTC (Dossier To China) and according to our agency that should be tomorrow, February 12th.  The mere thought of having that dossier sent off and in China is so exciting.  One more giant step closer to having a daughter- finally!  Unfortunately there will still be much more waiting involved.  We will wait for having LID (Logged In Date), LOA (Letter of Approval), and then the much anticipated TA(Travel Appointment).  I honestly have no clue how soon Elijah and I will be in China but I am hoping it will be June.  Less than six months away.  That makes the wait seem more bearable especially when I think about how many months our family has been on this journey.

In the meantime Eric and I are still plugging away at earning extra funds with some fundraising on the side.  For the hundredth time Chicken Momma's Change is open 24/7.  If you order now through Friday, February 14th you will receive a coupon good which will be good for future purchases.  There are some really nice items listed right now and even lots of stuff for Valentine's Day.  Another Etsy shop that is always open and offers adorable items is Ginger on a Mission.  Susan makes high quality handbags, business card holders, taggies, etc... and donates 50% of every purchase to a adoptive family.  To have 50% of your purchase applied to our family simply leave a note to her at checkout.  Susan was Yun's Christmas Warrior with Reece's Rainbow in 2012!  And finally, if you are looking for a t-shirt to add to your wardrobe Project Charity is donating $7 of every purchase to an adoptive family of your choice.  Like with Ginger on a Mission, simply specify our family at checkout.  But don't wait too long on those T's - there is a limited quantity of colors and sizes!

You will notice on the right-hand side of our blog that there are now two thermometers.  One with the goal of $700 and another with the goal of $10,000.  The first thermometer with the goal of $700 is a smaller goal within the overall $10,000 goal.  When we receive our LOA (Letter of Approval) from China we will owe our agency a fee of $700.  As of today, February 11th, we have earned $200 of the $700 needed through orders from my Etsy Shop alone!  Once we reach the goal of $700 we will remove that thermometer from the blog.  Every little order makes a BIG difference!

Finally, we had our family pictures done a few weeks back so we could include them in our dossier.  A friend of ours, Jamie, who is a talented local photographer, so graciously did our pictures pro-bono.  So local friends if you need some pictures done, JAMIE SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY is it!!  I leave you with my most favorite shot of the afternoon....this about sums up our family.