Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another T-Shirt Challenge!

Good morning!!!!  Since my previous t-shirt challenge was successful I would like to offer another challenge for today.  Only this time there are two items and there will be two winners!!!

But first I would like to thank some donors who have donated financially to our Bonfire Fund.  We are extremely grateful and humbled by your generous donations.  Those donations will help tremendously in meeting our financial goal of covering our next round of agency fees.

We do, however, need to sell 36 more t-shirts in the next 13 days in order for them to be printed.  Our last t-shirt challenge was successful and congratulations to June R. on being the winner of the globe necklace!  So we are going to offer another challenge for today, March 19th.  Place an order for a t-shirt and have your name in the running to win one of two items that yours truly has made:

This is a jade and red aventurine stretchy bracelet.  And yes, that is REAL Jade.

See how that jade just pops?

This necklace has multiple colors of glass beads, orange stone beads, and red aventurine.  It is a long necklace measuring 30" in length.  

Lovely colors.

So how does this work?  Purchase any shirt from our Bonfire Fund and your name will be in the running to win.  You have until tomorrow morning, March 20th for your order to count.  The first name that is drawn will get to choose either the bracelet or necklace.  The runner up will get whichever item has not been chosen.  To place an order please click HERE.  Below is the design of our shirts.  I know a bunch of people who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their shirts in the mail!

Will you help us reach our goal of selling 50 shirts?  Ready, set, GO!!!!!

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