Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Guess Who I Saw Yesterday?

You will never guess in a million years who I SAW yesterday!  Well, maybe you can.  She is cute, spunky, amazing, and lives in China.  If you guessed Channah (Yun) you are correct!!

How, you ask?

Our agency finally received updated pictures and videos of our dear girl.  What a blessing to see her and she looked great!  I think knowing that she has a mom and dad has given her much hope and joy; it shows.

I really want to share the two pictures and two videos, but alas, they are being held hostage.  Well, since you were so kind as to click on my blog I suppose I will share one of the pictures with you.

Digging in the dirt with sticks.  For those of you that know our family personally, do you think she is going to fit in or what?  When the boys saw this picture they started to laugh and commented on how she has a closet full of dresses, "She will be very pretty when she plays outside with us!"  Yes.  Yes she will, and it will be wonderful!

There is another picture of her that is even more telling of her spunky personality but it will be shared for a price.  $68.  When our Reece's Rainbow grant reads $3600 I will reveal the next picture.  After that are two videos to share, too!  To get to our grant please click HERE.  I will check on the grant and once it grows I will post the picture on my Facebook page as well as on this blog.  Can't wait!

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Noelle Myers said...

Thank you for the update - Can't wait to see her HOME and in those pretty dresses.