Friday, April 11, 2014

I Can See The Finish Line!

Back in the day, before children, before blown out knees, and when I was in better shape I was a distance runner.  I LOVED the thrill of the race and could run five miles without even thinking of it.  In fact, when I was in high school I fractured my foot during a cross country meet and was so intent on finishing no matter what that I ran on the foot despite the fact that it was injured.  Determination.  Slow.  Steady.  Keeping the pace.

Adoption reminds me of the races I used to run.

For Dima's adoption there was a lot of sprinting involved.  Ukraine was going to shut down to International adoptions and we had a deadline to meet.  Despite our best efforts we did not get a travel date before the closure but during the wait we remained steadfast to Dima.  Slow and steady.  Eventually we made it and now Dima has been with us for 2 1/2 years!

Channah's adoption has been like a marathon.  We started out slow last February when we first saw her picture.  Then we could submit our letter of intent.  Then we received our pre-approval.  And the pace picked up a little.  Once we did all of the paper work things slowed down once again as we waited for others to do their part.  We kept moving forward.  Slow and steady.

Today, however, we came around a rather large corner and we now see the finish line off in the distance.  Today we received word that we are "matched reviewed" which is fancy talk for we are officially matched to Channah and have been approved by the Chinese government!  According to our agency we will be traveling in 2-3 months which could put Elijah and I in China as early as the middle of June.

This brings us to the part where we begin to pick up our pace once again.  We have a many preparations to do in Channah's room, clothes to purchase, minor home improvement projects, logistics to figure out while I am out of the country, and I cannot forget to breathe.  Life has suddenly become more interesting!

So as we enter into the final stretch of this race I ask that you would continue to pray.  Most importantly please pray for Channah; for her heart to be prepared.  For the boys.  For Eric and I (we have NEVER had a daughter and I confess it is a little daunting after only raising boys for 11 years!).  That we would be able to be fully funded in the next month.  That we would be able to figure the logistics of mom being out of the country for 2 weeks while the boys are out of school.  And finally, that God would continue to guide the process in a seamless manner.

Eric and I expect to receive an update on our precious daughter early next week and we have asked some very pointed questions about Channah and her thoughts on making such a big move to the States.  We want to know what she is thinking and feeling so we can better serve her and help her adjust in the best way possible.  I remember how despite the fact that Dima was SO happy to have a Mama and Papa he was also very upset to be taken from all that was familiar- he was only 7 at the time.  Sweet Channah is 11, almost 12, and her entire childhood has taken place in the shelter of the same place for over a decade.  It is a blessing to know that so many of our friends, family, and church family are praying and just as excited as we are.  Our sweet girl has NO idea just how many people already love her.

I am ready to cross that finish line...

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. 
Isaiah 40:31 

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