Thursday, May 29, 2014

Elijah: T-Shirt Fundraiser

Well as if Sammy's challenge wasn't enough, Elijah felt as though he had to do something.  So he designed a t-shirt to sell through Bonfire Funds!  He chose the quote, drew the face, and helped with the font/color choices.  Here is his design:

The quote is: "The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved." -Mother Teresa
We have two weeks to sell 25 shirts.  An adult t-shirt is $20!  I am so proud of Elijah and his effort, especially since he was not able to join his brothers in the mohawk challenge.  To order from our Bonfire Fund please click HERE.

Elijah has an amazing heart for individuals with special needs.  He LOVES his brother, Dima, and helps out in our church's special needs ministry, The Love Department, almost every week.  Here are some examples of Elijah cheering his brother and his dear friends on at a special field day:

Elijah helping Dima show off a medal earned from winning a running event.
Elijah & our dear friend, Lisa.
Elijah helping his brother do some putt putt golf.
Elijah and my buddy, Shelley, who has CP like our Gracie Girl
Not only is Elijah wanting to help raise funds to help his sister get home, he is traveling to China with me since Eric will be staying behind to care for Dima.  Elijah thinks it is important that he does his part to help pay for the trip since he will be traveling, too.  I am so proud of this young man and his heart for others.  He also gave a speech in front of his entire school on why families should adopt children with special needs.  Wow.  There are days when I am just humbled that I have such amazing young men that I can call  my sons.

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