Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sammy's Mohawk Challenge!!!

Well, we are nearing the end of the finish line of this adoption journey.  Our Article 5 was dropped off on May 16th and should be picked up on May 29th.  Two weeks from that we should have our TA and then just a short time from that Elijah and I will be off to China!  If everything continues to go according to plan we could have a June 30th Gotcha Day for our Gracie girl!  It was this time last year that Eric and I were just beginning to gather documents and take our baby steps towards Grace.  This time last year Grace had no idea that there was a family who desired to make her a part of their family; the daughter for which they prayed.

Our family works together.  The boys, Eric, and I are a team and when we see an obstacle we band together to overcome.  As of today, May 20th, we have a $9,000 obstacle before us.  Eric is working over time, I am making jewelry as many hours as possible, and now the boys want to help.  Four amazing little men want to pull together and do something big to help bring their sister home.  Some of you may recall 3 years ago when we were adopting Dima Elijah had a fundraiser called "Elijah's Mohawk Challenge".  He offered to get an obnoxious mohawk if he could raise $500 by Mother's Day 2011.  Not only was Elijah successful, he exceeded his goal by $1,000!  So as a result not only did Elijah get a bright purple mohawk, but Sammy did as well.  That has inspired the boys once again only this time Sammy is taking the lead on this one.

We now share with the world:


Here is how it will work:

If Sammy raises $500 by May 30th (one month from our projected Gotcha Day!) he will get a mohawk.  But not just any mohawk!  At that time we will draw a name from the list of people who have donated during the challenge and the winner gets to choose the color of Sammy's new 'hawk.  There's more!  If Sammy exceeds his goal by $500 DIMA WILL ALSO GET A MOHAWK!  We will draw another name and that person will get to determine what color of mohawk Dima will have, too!  Elijah will not be participating as we need to keep his hair and scalp presentable for our trip.  But he is certainly cheering Sammy and Dima on.  Jeremiah?  He will help with the dying of the hair and also cheer his younger brothers on.

How to donate to Sammy's Mohawk Challenge:

*Our FSP with Reece's Rainbow.  It is tax-deductible and easy to do via Paypal or you can send a check.  To get to our FSP click HERE.

*Our personal Paypal account (all funds in that account get sent directly to our adoption agency within 48 hours of receiving donations).  It is not tax-deductible.  Click on the first box on the upper right hand side of this blog.

Remember, the challenge runs from today, May 20th through May 30th.  On the morning of May 31st we will reveal wether or not the challenge has been met, just how many mohawks we will have, and the colors of said mohawks.  A thermometer will be posted to show our progress specifically for this fundraiser.

Sammy would like to share some words via video:

Spoken like a true 8 year old.  None of this was coerced or forced in any way.  Sammy is determined to get his sister home!!!  In fact, it was Sammy who first spotted Grace on Reece's Rainbow.  At that time Sammy was going through testing to see if he had a mild form of Cerebral Palsy.  While the test came up negative for CP, Sammy is still undergoing tests with his genetics.  At this time we know that his Mitochondrial DNA is not quite what it ought to be.  So sometimes he gets tremors, falls down, has muscle cramping, fatigue, etc...  But Sammy is so strong on the inside and is quite a fighter!  He knows that God has got a great plan for his life.  

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