Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Mohawk For Sammy

Well, we did not reach our $500 goal for Sammy to get a mohawk, but we did raise $324!!  Yay!!  Thank you to those of you who participated and helped Sammy do his part.  We are so grateful for everyone's prayers and support.

While the Mohawk Challenge may be over our fundraising is far from over.  Elijah's Bonfire Funds t-shirt fundraiser is going.  So far we have sold 2 shirts which leaves us needing to sell 23 more.  The design and everything was done by 9-year-old Elijah.  Elijah will be traveling with me to China!

As for progress in our adoption, we received word this morning that our visas have been picked up from the Chinese consulate in Chicago and will be sent to us this week!  Yay!  Elijah and I also (im)patiently wait for TA (travel approval) from China which could arrive at any time.  We are so close!!  

As our family navigates the final weeks in this adoption journey I relish the moments of how our family is now.  I also eagerly anticipate the new dynamics that will come about when Grace arrives home and is finally part of our family.  Eric and I have surmised what life will be like but there is really no way of knowing.  Each day will be an adventure: watching our newest member learn her new language, how she will interact with her brothers, and how immerse herself into her new culture.  Please continue to keep her in prayer in these final weeks.  Pray that her heart and mind would be prepared and that she would have peace.  We know that she is very excited but we also know that deep down she must be nervous inside.  Who wouldn't be?!  Eric, the boys, and I are even nervous!  But we know that with God all things are possible.  We know that He holds Grace in the palm of his hands as well as our family.  

Thank you again to those of you who donated and thank you for your continued prayers!

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