Monday, June 9, 2014

Oh My Stars!

Our adoption has just hit Mach 5 speed.  We have been notified that our family has TA (travel approval) as it is in the CCCWA system, but our agency is waiting to receive the actual form so we can make travel arrangements.  Our heads are spinning and we suddenly feel as though this process is going very fast - like hang on tight fast!  More than likely Elijah and I will be in China in just a few short weeks!

I am fundraising like a fiend since we still have to earn/raise $8553!!  PLEASE consider purchasing a t-shirt that Elijah designed through Bonfire Funds (only 3 days left to sell 22 shirts!), purchasing some homemade jewelry from my Etsy shop, or if you are local, I am selling freshly made (by yours truly) Key Lime Pies!  Every bit counts and we will need to have most of the funds in order to make our travel arrangements!

In the meantime Eric has begun to prepare Grace's room for a major paint job, I have ordered her bedding, and so many generous people have gifted our Gracie Girl with some toys.  It is almost overwhelming at times to see just how many people are just as excited as we are about adding this precious girl to our family.

Even more exciting is that there is a family that will be visiting Grace's orphanage on Wednesday!  I PRAY that they are able to visit with Grace and get some pictures and video of her for us.  Poor Grace must be wondering when in the world her momma and brother are going to be there to get her!  Soon....very soon!!!

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