Saturday, June 14, 2014

T-Minus19 Days!

Elijah and I leave in 19 days.  We meet and receive Grace on Monday, July 7th in Nanjing, China.  This past week has been a whirlwind of VBS, gifted camp, and summer school so I have not had a chance to sit down and share this news on our blog!  When the agency called they had at first suggested that we leave this coming week - YIKES!  It didn't work out with receiving our consulate appointment which was somewhat of a relief.  That was just SO soon.  After an entire afternoon of phone calls back and forth we settled on dates and we were able to procure our consulate appointment, July 15th.

This past week another family was in Grace's province adopting a little boy who resided in her orphanage.  They also got to visit with Grace!  We received pictures and an AMAZING video of their encounter which has just been such a blessing to my heart.  The video provided us with a realistic glimpse into Grace's life.  Her personality.  Her joy.  Her pride.  Her excitement at the prospect of being adopted.  Our family has watched this video over and over, just amazed at what a precious gift this beautiful girl will be to our family and friends.  She seems to have a contagious smile and finds joy in the simple things.  While she has made lemonade out of lemons with her life in the orphanage she has longed for a family of her own.  I have been told by families who have met her over the years that she has asked every family she has encountered to find a family for her.  Her dream of having a family and our dream of having a daughter is about to come to fruition.

I would like to share with you now the wonderful gift that the Riley family has given to us.  This video will be what gets us through the next 19 days.

trim.R2UAZT from Maria Reilly on Vimeo.

In this video Grace learns for the first time that her American name will be Grace.  We had been led to believe that she knew, but things happen.  I am so grateful that I get to see her face and her reaction when she learns of her new name.  The orphanage director was also able to tell Grace that she will meet us on July 7th, less than one month.  Her joy at all of her happy news is just beyond words.  She is loved.  She is our daughter.

While we are so very excited for our upcoming adventure we still have a bit of a mountain to climb in terms of our expenses.  We are still short $7436.  Our t-shirt fundraiser that Elijah had going failed and we raised $0.  It was a bummer to have raised $0, but it was more sad to see our son's disappointment that he had somehow "failed" (which he DID NOT fail - he tried and THAT is what matters!).  Most of my days, when I am not being a mom taxi, are spent baking homemade key lime pies.  This fundraiser IS going well and I am so grateful that I have so many pies to bake.  It has also turned into a random act of kindness venture.  Since people who are not local to here we live cannot order a pie for themselves, they have paid for a pie and have asked me to bless others with the pie.  It has been my absolute pleasure!  So to those of you who have ordered pies for others, please know that it has brought joy to all involved!

It is hard to believe that this adoption process is coming to an end.  It has been a long year of paper work, waiting, tears (both happy and sad), and sacrifice.  Our family is so grateful to those who have supported us is many ways and I pray that each of you knows just how grateful we are.  Adoption, like birth, truly is a miracle.  They are by no means the same, but the enormity of it all is just as joyful, emotional, and equal in blessing.  This adoption has yet again shown us the Father's heart and His love for people.  All people.

Hang on Gracie Girl!  Mama and Elijah are counting the minutes until we meet you! 

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