Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Final Push

One week from today Elijah and I board a plane to Detroit, MI to begin the journey of a lifetime.  It is almost hard to believe that we are so close!  I have been packing, making lists for Eric and my in-laws, doing laundry, and raising the last bit of funds.  Our family was blessed with a $500 grant from an amazing group of moms who help families financially during the adoption process.  We had hoped that we would have been almost fully funded after that point.  Not so much.  Since we are traveling at the peak of the travel season things are much more expensive than what the agency had told us over a year ago.  Our agency is also short-staffed at the moment and they were delayed in getting our final costs to us.  Yesterday we received our final expense.  As of right now we are short $5550.50.  That is essentially our orphanage donation.  Everything else is covered!

Over the next few days I will be offering various items either outright or in a giveaway.  My Etsy shop, while still "open", will not have any new items until well after I return home with Grace.  All pie making a ceased since I need to take care of travel preparations.  The thermometer to the right has been updated to reflect how much we need and I will keep it up to date as the donations are made.

Our family is so very grateful to all who have supported us throughout this process.  Those that prayed with us before we committed to Grace, those who have contributed to our adoption financially, those who have blessed Grace with clothing, toys, furniture, etc..., and those who continue to pray for our family as well as Grace.  It may seem as though as we finish our adoption process that this chapter is closing.  No, this process has been more like a wordy prologue to an epic novel.  Chapter One begins on Monday, July 7th when we meet Grace for the first time.  

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